RC PaymentsTracker is an intuitive and simple to understand software utility created to help you keep a close watch on all your expenses, enabling you to group them into user-defined categories to make them easier to manage.

The program is fairly simple to understand and handle, resorting to a tabbed interface to structure its main sections and organizing them in accordance with their purpose.

As such, you can get an overview of your ‘Balance’, but also analyze your ‘Charges’ and ‘Payments’, manage your ‘Contractors’, your ‘Accounts’ or other ‘Objects’.

The application allows you to add all the ‘Charges’ and ‘Payments’ that you have made or plan on making, using the calendar to schedule upcoming transactions, the latter even supporting the addition of scanned receipts.

When inputting a ‘Charge’, you can select the corresponding time period (‘Month’, ‘Quarter’, ‘Year’), set the last pay date, then choose the item and object you want to attribute it to (for instance ‘Car’, ‘School’, ‘Apartment’, etc).

Moreover, you can add all the ‘Contractors’ (or even utilities suppliers) that you regularly work with, so you can keep in mind who needs to get paid. RC PaymentsTracker is able to generate monthly reports for the incoming and outgoing money flows, simultaneously displaying the balance in real time, in the main window.

To sum it up, RC PaymentsTracker is a lightweight and efficient application that you can resort to for managing your personal finances, logging in every expense and scheduling regular charges, so you never forget about a bill.