Aiming to offer an alternative to the native Remote Desktop Connection tool in Windows, RdClient is a remote access utility that enables you to connect to other hosts in your network, providing support for the RDP, VNC and Hyper-V protocols.

Its advantages reside in the simplicity, both of the interface layout and the functions. In the attempt to create a comfortable working environment for all users, RdClient deploys an interface that resembles Windows Explorer.

All the remote desktops are neatly displayed on the left side of the screen, where you can select the one you want to launch, and the remote screen will be shown in the right panel. This way, you can work with the remote desktop, without losing sight of the other connections, being able to switch to another screen with a click.

For your convenience, active connections have a green icon, whereas a blue icon shows a workstation is available, and gray icons are associated with offline systems that do not respond to ping requests.

The range of remote functions is quite limited. Aside from viewing the remote desktop, you can reboot or shutdown a remote PC, flush the DNS cache, log off the current user, or even send a magic packet to a remote host to start it up. This latter option requires you to configure the computer's MAC address beforehand in the 'Gateway' tab.

Just like in Remote Desktop Connection, you can choose to remove or play remote audio signals. Additionally, you can access the remote PC in administrator mode and optionally redirect ports, printers, and other devices.

RdClient does offer an alternative to Remote Desktop Connection, successfully fulfilling its mission. However, its feature set is limited, allowing access to remote desktops with basic power control options.

Its most important advantage is that it enables you to conveniently monitor all connections from the same interface, supporting multiple instances and additional protocols. As for security, all the user credentials are encrypted using the Triple DES and the AES-256 algorithms.