Read Web Sites Aloud Software is a simple and easy to handle application which aims to assist you in browsing the web, without necessarily relying on your eyes, but your ears.

The tool goes through a quick and uneventful setup process, following which you can launch it and begin working with it right away.

The main window of Read Web Sites Aloud Software lets you input the URL address of the targeted resource, then configure its various functioning preferences, such as voice, volume or speech rate.

For starters, bear in mind that some websites which do not allow frame formation cannot be read by the program. This means that some pages will not enable you to listen to them.

However, for websites which allow this feature, the utility simply requires you to input the link corresponding to the page you want to work with, having the possibility to narrow down the text that can be read by entering it in a dedicated panel in the main window of Read Web Sites Aloud Software, by means of copy/paste or from a file.

As for ‘Volume Level’ and ‘Speech Rate’, these can easily be customized by means of gliders, so you can listen to the text, however, best suits your needs. Similarly, you can opt between the various available Microsoft voices from a drop-down menu.

Aside from being able to listen to a page being read, you can also save it to an MP3 file, to your computer. This can prove particularly useful for news websites, as you can save their contents and render them on the go, on a portable audio player.

To sum it up, Read Web Sites Aloud Software is a useful and intuitive program that you can resort to whenever you wish to listen to the text on an Internet page, rather than read it yourself, even having the possibility of storing it in audio format for later.