Computers can be prone to failure or corruption from time to time, so it can be important to backup your system to ensure that vital documents and important files are not lost or damaged. Real Time Sync Portable is an application that allows users to backup their system as well as synchronizing files that are stored separately.

Most programs that are designed to backup data or files in some way are usually quite general, normally users just select a drive or an area and that is it. Real Time Sync Portable offers far more depth and customization, with its main function based around customizable tasks.

Users can create essentially script functions that will target a specific area to backup a file or directory, as well as synchronize different files or restore an element. These tasks are all stored within the application and can be selected and activated at well, or all of them activated at once. The tailored approach to system protection won't appeal to all, but it does offer far more control.

While in some respects, Real Time Sync Portable is more advanced than other programs of its type, it manages to present the task system in a very clear way. The interface is simple, with large icons that display recognizable images, while also providing labels for them, so there is no ambiguity with the various buttons.

Along with the helpful design, the task system uses as a Wizard creation tool which takes users through the process step by step. Even for users who are not especially familiar with scripted tasks will find the creation Wizard quite simple to use, as well as explanative, with several preset options as well. There is a serious attempt on behalf of the developers to make the program accessible, which works very well.

For users looking for a simple way to backup their files and folders, Real Time Sync Portable is not the right program. The features offered by Real Time Sync Portable are much more advanced in their nature and will appeal to users seeking more control and customization. Still, for those that would like that advanced control, yet are worried that the application will be beyond them, Real Time Sync Portable's design makes sure that is not the case.