If you want to create software packages on your computer in a quick, convenient manner, you probably understand that without the appropriate set of tools, accomplishing this task would be impossible.

Really Easy Software Builder is one of the applications that can help you simplify your task by providing you with several tools that you can use to create your content easily.

You do not need to install this application on your computer, as simply launching its executable grants you full control to its functions.

No additional configuration is required to deploy or run this program on your computer, as its purpose is simply letting you create software packages on your PC as quickly as possible.

Really Easy Software Builder comes with a plain, visually unappealing user interface that consists of a window with scrollable text and interactive menus, thus guiding you through the process as you scroll down to the base of the document.

You can also print the instructions by using the dedicated button on the top toolbar if you need a hard copy of the guidelines mentioned above.

You can turn to this application if you need to generate software packages on your computer in an effortless manner since this application lets you bundle several different documents.

For instance, you can create a .www file on your computer that contains several URL addresses that you can specify directly through this application. More so, it is possible to add videos, widgets or games that are hosted online and edit a handful of details, including the package name, main website, front page ad title, front page image, main ad text and affiliate signup page.

To wrap it up, Really Easy Software Builder is a simple tool that lets you bundle several documents and create a software package in a quick, effortless manner. It comes with a minimalistic, plain user interface, packs a handful of functions and requires no configuration to be installed or launched on the target computer.