Recover Deleted Files is a fast and straightforward piece of software specialized in identifying and retrieving lost or deleted files from the computer, whether we're talking about the hard disk, flash drive, memory card, or other types of mass storage devices.

Setting up Recover Deleted Files is a quick and simple job which does not need special attention. When it comes to the interface, the tool keeps it plain and easy, adopting a normal window with an approachable structure.

At startup you are required to select the drives to verify after studying their letters, names, total capacity, file system, and serial number.

In the next stage you can indicate the types of files to look for, such as PhotoShop, AutoCAD, bitmap, JPEG, PNG, TIF, and fonts. You can either customize the file format selection or ask Recover Deleted Files to search for all kinds of objects. During a scan job you can check out the elapsed time, total found files, and current processing file.

Once the task is done, you can analyze the name, size, type, containing folder, together with the date of creation and modification for each item. Images can be previewed in a small, built-in frame, while scan logs can be evaluated. Recover Deleted Files lets you pick any files you want to retrieve, as well as to filter them by extension, size, date and keywords.

It is possible to hide the wizard at statup, disable event logging, limit the number and size of files to scan, modify the default recovering folder, as well as exclude folder information, file type details, the create and modify date, along with the size of the files.

No error messages popped up in our testing, and the utility did not hang or crash. It is quite responsive to commands and leaves a small footprint on system resources, since it uses low CPU and RAM.

To sum it up, Recover Deleted Files supplies users with a clear-cut environment and handy customization settings for recovering previously removed files.