Recover It All Novell Net 386 recovers data from corrupted or missing Novell Traditional Volumes.

Recover It All is the most comprehensive data recovery software available for Novell Netware. It supports the key Novell Netware features like Sub Allocation and Compression.

Recover It All lets you recover your data when volumes fail to mount, partition is deleted, files or folders are missing, files are deleted, FAT or DET errors. It enables you to recover the data to another working drive.

Here are some key features of "Recover It All for Novell Netware":

■ Supports Netware Traditional volumes on Novell Netware 3.X – 6.X.

■ Recovery if partition table is corrupted or missing.

■ Recovery even if the key data structures including: Hot Fix Tables, Volume Tables or Mirror Tables are corrupted or totally missing.

■ Recovery from deleted volumes.

■ Recovery from Sub Allocated volumes.

■ Recovery of compressed volumes.

■ Recovery from corrupted FAT or DET.

■ Mounts the volume when Novell Netware system files are corrupted and server is not mounting up.


■ File System Supported: Novell Netware Traditional File System (Net 386)

■ Novell Netware versions supported: Novell Netware 3.X-6.X