If you are unsure about a password or have outright forgotten it, perhaps it is time you turned to a recovery tool, which could make the entire conundrum less tedious.

Recover Passwords is one such application that promises to decrypt the passwords of over 100 different programs installed on the local system or a remote computer.

Once you have launched the program, you are asked to specify whether you want to scan the local PC, a remote device, or multiple computers simultaneously.

Regardless of your option, you may want to know that scan filters are available for you to apply in order to narrow down the analysis. As such, you should know that you can restrict the scan to any of the following and more: FileZilla, Google Chrome, IncrediMail, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc..

Nevertheless, it appears that, during our tests on a 64-bit Windows 10 PC, Recover Passwords was able to identify only three programs as storing password-protected accounts while on a different device with the same specifications, it was unable to find any apps at all.

In any case, for each program in part, details on the credentials you used are offered, and turning to keywords in order to find a specific password is possible as well, which proves the program is quite easy to navigate.

As an added bonus, exporting all this info is possible. As such, you can create XLS, TXT, HTML, or CSV reports, for instance, based on the data you have grabbed, and printing it without leaving the app is also an option.

All in all, Recover Passwords is an approachable tool you can resort to in order to salvage inaccessible accounts. While anyone should easily figure it out, the truth remains that the range of programs it can decrypt is quite restrictive in, not to mention that some performance hiccups have been experienced, at least during our tests. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to differentiate from competitors in a sea of similar products that can actually do a much better job.

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