RedAdHoc is an effective and very easy to understand piece of software whose main purpose resides in helping you create a virtual wireless router, so you can share your Internet connection with other devices as well, for instance mobile phones, tablets or even computers.

In terms of appearance, the application is very intuitive and novice-friendly, its functionality being quite transparent and thus requiring only a little prior knowledge in order to successfully work with it.

The main window allows you to start and stop the router with a button press, while the settings section enables you to configure the access preferences, for instance the name or password.

One essential requirement for working with RedAdHoc is represented by the existence of a wireless adapter, both on the host computer and the devices wishing to connect to the virtual network router that it creates.

The program lets you define the ‘Network Name (SSID)’, as well as establish a ‘Security Key’ to restrict access to your hotspot and ensure unwanted individuals do not connect to it. Should multiple Internet sources be available, you can select the one you want to share from a dedicated menu.

Moreover, from the ‘Advanced Settings’ section, RedAdHoc allows you to change the IP address or the DNS server of the virtual network. These can however be reverted to default with a single click on ‘Restore All’.

Once you have configured your hotspot, you can press the ‘Start’ button in the main interface, which enables other devices to detect and connect to it. From the ‘Details’ section, you can learn more about the number of clients you are currently servicing.

In closing, RedAdHoc is a lightweight and reliable utility that you can resort to for creating a Wi-Fi hotspot and sharing the Internet connection from your computer with other people, in just a few swift mouse clicks.