Reddit is one of the biggest providers of news feeds in the world, with more than 1 million daily unique visitors and several times more page views. This popularity has translated into a plethora of lightweight and practical applications designed to somehow enhance users' results with the bulletin board. Reddit2Go! Store App is just one such program that significantly streamlines one's overall experience when browsing Reddits feeds

Specifically, the application allows users to stay connected with all the relevant subreddits in a highly intuitive and user-friendly environment. Submitting new messages is possible with a simple click of the mouse and searching for specific items is also possible with the built-in find function.

Any entries accessed are displayed in full form, i.e. complete with any auxiliary media and users are also free to participate in any voting polls. It should be noted that certain features will require an active account, although one can also register from within the app.

Navigation through the portal is performed with highly intuitive buttons and a few key menu items, such as “Home” or “Front page” buttons. Several auxiliary functions can improve the overall feel and performance of the application, such as the ability to filter inappropriate content, as well as the option to deactivate live titles.

Personal information can be hidden when browsing the bulletin board and users can avoid being flooded with information by specifying the maximum number of stories or comments to be fetched at any one time; the interface can also be customized by adjusting the various colors employed.

To conclude, Reddit2Go! Store App is a practical solution for anyone who regularly uses Reddit, as it allows its users to stay in touch with the latest developments. Once logged in, one can also post new messages, as well as search for subreddits with the built-in find function.