Redis is an open source database with a primary focus on storing data using unique keys and it turns out to be an excellent and versatile choice if you want a highly scalable data store shared by multiple servers, processes and application, on multiple operating systems.

This said, you can imagine that working with Redis databases and servers via the command line is by no means a novice-friendly job. With its somewhat self-explanatory title, this is where Redis Desktop Manager comes into play.

To put it as simply as possible, Redis Desktop Manager provides you with all the necessary tools for connecting and managing remote or local Redis servers.

As is the case with most other database utilities out there, the app offers you a clear-cut view of the database's formation and enables you to manage its data, perform basic operations such as view keys as tree-structures and execute commands via shell, all within a typical and non-intimidating GUI.

The app undergoes a surprise-free installation process and, upon first launching it, you will have to configure the connection, namely the database's name, host address, port and authentication password (if necessary).

Please note that the utility also comes with full support for SSL connections and SSH tunneling. Furthermore, from the Connection section and within the 'Advanced Settings' tab, you can also define glob-style pattern keys, namespace separators and connection/execution timeout seconds intervals.

You can also bypass the whole configuration process for the connections by importing an already existing setup file. Additionally, you should know that the utility comes with support for all the popular Redis-specific key types,  as well as the fact that their values can be viewed as simple text, JSON, HEX table, PHP Serialized and MSGPACK.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that Redis Desktop Manager can be run just as smoothly on all major operating systems out there, namely Windows, macOS and Linux.

Taking everything that has been in said into consideration, with the help of its specialized tools and clear-cut graphic user interface, Redis Desktop Manager can greatly boost your productivity by offering an efficient way to manage Redis databases that does not imply the usage of command line tools.