Audiophiles and those who are involved into sound processing could be requiring a tool for adding reverberation effects to their audio tracks. Adding a reverb to their audio files simulates the effects which a certain ambient would have on the output signal, such as large halls or rooms.

Redline Reverb is a plug-in that was developer specifically for providing users with a tool for adding the preferred reverberation effects tot their audio tracks. It will allow them to tweak the reverb effect in order to achieve the required sound, through a standalone control console.

Providing both warmth and transparency with concurrent low CPU usage, the plug-in is completely fully algorithmic and it will not require any separate plate, hall or room algorithms. Its stereo capabilities coupled with the included preset library will offer users plenty of flexibility in terms of sound effect adjustments.

Deployed as an installer, the plug-in will be accessible from whichever host application users prefer. It supports VST, AU, RTAS or AAX applications and it’s interface will provide people with several predefined knobs for adjusting the reverb characteristics.

Using its set of buttons, one will be able to recreate the preferred reverb characteristics, therefore creating accurate room simulations, with almost infinite reverb tails. Synth pads and delay effects are also available and modulation options will enable people to perform empirical attempts in their workflow.

People will be able to tweak the reverberation effect characteristics using dedicated knobs for modulation, decay, bypass, pre-delay or damping section.