Refresh Bar is a simple yet powerful program that sits in the in Internet Explorer and lets you to set automatic refresh rates to any website at time intervals you specify.

It is very simple to use, and can be simply activated or deactivated. The convenience you get is priceless.

Here are some key features of "Refresh Bar":

■ Auction Sites Keep track of bids, products, searches on any online auction including Ebay

■ Stock Price Sites Automatically view latest stock prices without hitting the Refresh button.

■ Message Boards / Blogs See replies to messages and new messages as they appear on any board.

■ News Sites Always have the latest news in front of you by refreshing your favorite news site.

■ Online Email Sites Whether Yahoo Mail or Hotmail, or any other mail, see the latest inbox always.

■ Any other site. Simply set the time for refreshing, and leave the rest to RefreshBar.


■ Internet Explorer

4.0 and higher.


■ 30 days trial.