Registrar for the Command Line is a powerful, flexible console mode registry manager for enterprise. It allows processing of batch scripts and advanced automated registry tasks l in a network environment.

Registrar Command Line Edition offers system administrators and power users the possibility to controlthe registries in their enterprise using standard batch language without the need to learn a complicated registry script language or programming interface.

Apart from standard functionality like creating, copying, and deleting registry keys and values it offers advanced search and replace, backup and restore, import and export functionality.

Additionally it allows administrators to set and copy registry security information among registry keys in their enterprise, including permissions, auditing and ownership settings. Almost all functionality is available on remote systems as well as on the local machine. The program returns error level information and controllable text output which can be used for advanced batch processing.

Here are some key features of "Registrar for the Command Line":

■ Create, copy, move, rename, delete registry keys

■ Search the registry for text strings and optionally replace found data, values and keys

■ Registry backup and restore, also stores security information on NT

■ Retrieve detailed registry key and value information

■ Compare the contents of two registry keys

■ Import and export of Regedit compatible registration files

■ Loading and saving of REGEDT32 compatible registry hive files

■ Edit permissions, auditing and ownership editing on registry keys

■ Copy registry security information among keys

■ Almost all functionality available on remote systems as well as on the local machine

■ Straightforward command interface, no need to learn complicated scripts or programming interfaces

■ Flexible parameters can be specified in any order

■ Get useful errorlevel information and text output on all operations which allow conditional batch processing

■ Ability to run in a scheduled batch environment


■ 21 days free trial