Either you want to be reminded to take some time off, or you are just trying to create an exercise routine while working, Relax Reminder can help you with that.

The program requires a full installation process in spite of its reduced and size. This would be a minor setback as the tool it's not portable.

Regarding the interface, nothing can be more simple that. Displaying only a small sized window where you can set the relax interval and a "GO" button to create the countdown. A quit button is also embedded for canceling the specific range.

The default relaxing interval is 30 minutes but it can be set up from 5 up to 120. After you set the timer and press "GO", the program will create an icon in the system tray, there you can check how many minutes you have until the relaxation time.

When the time is off, a window will pop up informing you that your PC is blocked. Your PC interface will freeze, and no clicks or keys will work for 60 seconds. After that, the tool will display another message letting you now that your system is unlocked. You can also unlock it with "Ctrl+Alt+Del" combination.

The tool cannot be customized or personalized as its simple interface won't display any tabs or hidden functions.

Also, multiple instances of Relax Reminder can run in the system tray. Different time intervals can be used while using more than one instance but the blocking time will not pass one minute.

To sum it up, the app is an excellent choice for those of you that sometimes forget to take some time off from work. Relax Reminder will help rest your eyes and maybe exercise a little.

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