The end user’s effort to connect to a network or the Internet is minimum thanks to advancements in technology, but there’s a lot more going on under the hood. Networks are fitted with ranges of IP addresses to easily identify each machine, and administrators can use tools like Reliable Subnet Calculator in order to determine the subnet of a corresponding IP range.

You’re first taken through a short and uneventful setup process in which the application does the job of getting deployed on your PC. In order to prevent any functionality issues, it’s best to check whether or not .NET Framework is already on your computer, even though it’s a default feature in modern Windows iterations.

A pretty compact window shows up on launch, and there’s no problem accommodating whatsoever. Even if no or erroneous data is entered, you’re quickly oriented towards the right direction through a helpful prompt when attempting to calculate.

An internet connection is not required for the application to work, because it uses a standard set of values to perform calculus. IP range needs to be provided first, with a couple of dedicated fields in this regard. Large ranges of addresses are part of similar subnet masks, but it can be tricky to determine it by heart.

Result is delivered at the press of a button, with the possibility to copy the new value from its field. It might come in handy for blocking entire ranges of IP to prevent malicious or unauthorized access. Note that you can assign a hotkey command to the application’s shortcut to launch it from any location.

Bottom line is that network administration requires different tools, precise data, and a great deal of attention. Reliable Subnet Calculator is sure to come in handy for instantly determining the subnet mask of an entire range of IP addresses with little effort.