Reminder Commander is an application you can use to schedule reminders about important upcoming events, such as meetings, birthday parties, or vacations.

The installation procedure is fast and easy. Although this isn't mentioned, the tool gets integrated into the Windows autostart sequence, so it runs every time you boot your computer. This can be later disabled from the settings panel.

It creates an icon in the systray area, gets sent there on close, and starts minimized. The main app window has a simple and elegant appearance which reminds us of Microsoft Office 2003.

New reminders can be put together by specifying the event type, such as once, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. You can set the date and time, get notified at the exact time or before, and write a personalized message.

Several advanced options are available. For instance, you can indicate a file or folder to launch or open in Windows Explorer, schedule email notifications via SMTP and specify the priority, as well as play audio alerts.

It's possible to add as many reminders as you want, edit their properties or remove any entry from the list if you change your mind, clone reminders or deactivate them without removal, as well as view the open, one-off reminders along with Reminder Commander's history in separate panes.

Furthermore, you can conduct search operations across all reminders and apply filters, disable the automatic checkups for one-off and periodic reminders at startup, disable confirmations on reminder deletions, hide toolbars tips and text plus the status bar, as well as move the program's database to another directory, clear it, or create a new one.

When it comes to other options, it's possible to enable auto-backups while setting the frequency and number of copies, disable audio alerts, edit email server and account details, switch to another UI language, and so on. Help documentation is available.

To sum it up, Reminder Commander has rich features and customization preferences for scheduling multipurpose reminders. It's geared toward all user levels.