The concept of imagination has gained a lot of hype during the last decades, somewhat to the detriment of what talent used to mean. For instance, as far as music is concerned, having perspective and knowing how to materialize your ideas is worth more than mechanically playing an instrument.

Remixlive is a program that seems to adhere to this theory since it enables music enthusiasts – regardless of whether they are professionals – to create remarkable sounds using just a computer and their resourceful imagination.

Sporting an eye-catching user interface, the program was created to help you take advantage of your MIDI pad controller, with its modular grid fitting it.

The program is packed with a series of samples you can base your project on, with your options varying from genres such as electro and drum&bass to dubstep, hip-hop, and trap. Using the “File” menu, however, you can import your own packs and samples and start from scratch with an original endeavor.

Needless to say, combining any of them is possible, with an incorporated mixer being close at hand and including mute and solo buttons as well as three-band EQs on each channel.

There are, however, plenty of other enhancements you can apply to your mix, with a multitude of audio effects, among which you will find “jet-up,” “freezer,” “low phaser,” “infinite delay,” and others. An auto-pilot is also available for when you are away from your laptop.

There are many other audio tweaks you can resort to using this application, and experimenting with them will obviously result in complex packs you can share on YouTube in real time. Otherwise, you can simply record your session and save it to a location of your choice, as a WAV, AIFF, OGG, FLAC or AAC audio file.

All in all, Remixlive is a feature-rich tool that helps you create music and that was designed specifically for live performances. It packs a mixer and outstanding audio effects you can play with, but in the end, it will prove its full capabilities when associated with a MIDI pad controller.