Hard drives have always been the weakest part of a computer. You can operate the programs as fast as the drives allow you to. However, defragmentation applications aid you by analyzing and organizing the space on your partitions.

Remo Drive Defrag is a defragmentation tool that automatically detects your drives. The application is not difficult to install, and you can easily get used to its functions. Information on the state of free/used space is displayed in a pie chart.

The first thing you must do is to scan the drive to determine its state. The software performs an in-depth analysis of your partition and displays the results in a graphical mode. Expert users can select to view the textual results in an HTML file.

The purpose of the application is to organize the files in such a manner that minimizes the wear and tear of the physical hard drive. After a scanning job, you can perform a quick or deep defragmentation of your partitions. The fast defragmentation allows you to select the areas and files that are most troublesome, such as pictures, documents, and program files. The deep defrag is used for heavily fragmented drives, and it is time-consuming.

The program also provides scheduling options, allowing you to defragment your computer automatically at particular moments. It is a great feature, although it will not run if your laptop is running low on battery. Moreover, you can set a defragmentation job when the computer performance drops below specified values. This ensures that you will not be hampered by a slow-running computer.

In conclusion, Remo Drive Defrag is a great tool for users who do not wish to perform defragmentation jobs often. It can run in the background, keeping your computer running top-notch. The interface is clean, and you can easily find your way around it. All in all, the software is worthwhile.