Remove Duplicate Calendar Items is a simple-to-use and fast software utility that, as the name implies, can aid you in removing duplicate calendar items. It offers support for Microsoft Outlook and can be installed as a plugin.

Getting rid of duplicates is a great way of re-organizing the calendar and even freeing up space on the disk, especially if we're talking about large amounts of data.

Installation is a fast and seamless operation that demands minimal user assistance. Once the setup is over, Remove Duplicate Calendar Items can be accessed by opening a Remove Duplicate Calendar Items instance and clicking the "Utilities" entry under the second-to-last menu.

The program is capable of finding duplicate appointments and meetings from a selected Outlook folder, so make sure you're not picking another directory by mistake. It identifies duplicates by taking into account their subject, location, start and end time, recipients, and attachments. Therefore, all these fields must have identical content in order to consider the respective item a duplicate.

It can look for duplicates across entire folders and permanently delete the found items, instead of sending them to a user-defined location (depending on your preferences). An important aspect worth noting is that Remove Duplicate Calendar Items preserves the original folder structure when moving the items to another location, and that it can scan multiple selected directories at the same time.

On the search-and-removal job is over, you can view the total number of eliminated duplicates, enable word wrapping mode for this text console, as well as save the results to an external file or copy them to the Clipboard for closer examination. There are no other notable options provided by this piece of software.

Everything ran well in our tests. Remove Duplicate Calendar Items was stable and did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. Scan-and-removal jobs were carried out quickly while CPU and RAM usage was low, and the program accurately detected duplicates.

To sum it up, Remove Duplicate Calendar Items can be a great addition to any users who works with Microsoft Outlook if they plan to clean up calendar items.