Rename Easy is a simple application designed to help batch rename files from directories and subfolders stored in your computer. It features intuitive options that can be approached by all types of users, even those less experienced with file renamers.

The application provides a minimalist menu, with basic options focused on a fast batch renaming of all types of files saved on PC. After selecting the desired folder and starting the scan, the program searches and shows all items, in no a particular order. Subfolders can be included or excluded from the job.

The task list shows the original and new names and extensions of the files, in addition to their full paths, while the status bar reveals the total number of items present in the specified directory.

In the “Actions” menu, you can choose from a variety of modifiers, such as lowercase, which changes all the titles into small characters, and uppercase into big ones. The “blank” option erases the entire name of the document, while “blank extension” deletes the format at the end. By adding a counter, the tool puts a digit at the back of the description starting with 1.

However, the renaming function edits all available files, without giving the option to modify one or more selected ones. For example, there is no option integrated for creating a personalized title. Once you are ready to change the names, a pop-up message asks for confirmation to finalize modifications. In case you make a mistake, the only way to go back to the initial items is by resetting the folder.

Taking everything into account, Rename Easy is a basic program which helps batch rename all files in a fast and simple manner, using variety of modifiers and supporting all available formats, such as pictures, documents, HTML links.