Renoise is a cross-platform software solution that comes packed with many useful features for helping you record, edit, compose, and render audio tracks. This digital audio workstation features a wide array of audio processors, effects, plug-ins, and many other functions.

The user interface may seem a bit overwhelming at a first glance, especially for less experienced users. However, a help menu is included, so you can get an idea of how this program works.

Basically, this application can help you transform all your sounds into a song, thanks to its built-in pattern editor. You can add new note columns, and view song-related details, such as the note and octave, instrument number, volume, panning, effect, and delay columns. It is possible to move the note data from one pattern track to another, thanks to the “drag and drop” support.

It also features an audio recording tool, a built-in sampler, and graphical automation enveloper for controlling the parameters.

Renoise bundles many built-in native effects, and it also offers support for plug-ins, such as VST, AudioUnits, and LADSPA. You can search for effects by name (e.g. reverb, delay, filters, compressors, EQ, distortion), and activate them by dragging and dropping them into the dedicated window.

You can load any instrument, turn on the built-in metronome, and adjust the BMP and level of lines per beat. Moreover, the program is able to detect playback errors and replace the notes directly on the desired lines.

It is possible to group similar tracks together by creating multiple group tracks, and dragging the audio files to the selected workspace. The groups and tracks can be collapsed, and you may also change their colors.

Renoise is a feature that allows users to connect and synchronize multiple applications, and run them side by side during a session. It only handles Audio and MIDI routing.

It is important to mention that hotkeys are also available, and they can be reassigned, so you have full control over the entire recording or editing process from the keyboard.

The program offers multi-core support and a built-in spectrum analyzer that can help you analyze the frequency of different tracks, and detect the possible errors in your final mix.

Overall, Renoise proves to be a reliable audio editor and recorder. Although it comprises many useful functions, we’d have liked to see an intuitive interface that could help us perform different actions quickly, and without having to go through special tutorials.