If an important number happens to be busy, Repeat Dialer will recheck that number repeatedly for availability, for up to a user-set number of minutes. You simply press the dial button and provide the telephone number you want to call. If the line becomes free, you'll hear the ring signal. Just pick up your phone and start talking.

You may also set the program to redial on ring signals too. This feature can be used for radio contests and call-in television voting. A good example is the very popular FOX television show "American Idol". Every successful call made is counted as a vote. Once the call is completed, the call will be disconnected and the number will be redialed again.

Repeat Dialer also works on other American popular Reality TV shows like "Married by America", "I'm a Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here!" and other future reality television shows.

The Repeat Dialer can make about 500 calls per hour. You can add a second modem to double the amount of calls. Up to 16 modems can be used.

Here are some key features of "Repeat Dialer":

■ Redial on busy and/or ring signal.

■ On ring signal, wait (x) seconds before re-dialing.

■ Stop re-dialing after (x) minutes.

■ Real-time counters for total busy and ring signals.

■ Log reporting.

■ Support for up to 16 communication ports / telephone lines.


■ 486 CPU

■ 16 MB RAM

■ 5 MB Available Disk Space

■ Analog Modem

■ Telephone Line

■ Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser


■ 7 days trial period