Repertoire is a simple audio player that can open single or multiple files in common formats, including MP3, WAV and OGG. The program allows looping content and can display metadata information, if available.

Users that have ample audio folders will find this software valuable, as it allows quickly loading entire directories. Given the fact that it supports most common formats, virtually anyone who listens to music on their computer can draw value from this tool.

The utility features a very intuitive and easy to grasp interface, which allows listening to tracks in a user-friendly environment. The application essentially features only one window and all the core functions can be accessed via on-screen buttons. Preferences can be adjusted in the “Audio Setup” tab.

As with any other music player, users must first load source files (supported formats: WAV, AIFF, FLAC, OGG and MP3). One of the great features of this small application is that it allows selecting single tracks or entire directories. This means that whole multimedia folders can swiftly be loaded.

Users that keep other files in the directories should not worry, as the software automatically discards documents in invalid formats. Once the playlist has been populated, users can employ the basic player functions, such as play, pause, stop or previous and next track.

The utility features a generous waveform display frame, complete with a seek bar, which allows users to freely navigate to whichever part of the song they desire. Looping tracks is possible and users can even set cue points. All these functions have corresponding hotkeys, which greatly improve users' experience.

All in all, Repertoire is a simple audio player that can be employed in order to listen to music tracks in most common formats.