Replace and Rename is a simple-to-use software utility designed to help you rename files in batch mode as well as to search for text within files and replace it with something else.

It comes packed with just a few settings that should be easy to configure by anyone.

After a brief and uneventful setup procedure, you are welcomed by a large window with a plain and simple structure that doesn't put emphasis on looks, yet it's easy to navigate.

You can specify several rules before proceeding with file renaming or text replacing, such as filtering the files by extension and indicating keywords. It's possible to include as many keywords as you want, skip either text replacing or file renaming, and enable case sensitive mode.

On task completion you can check out the full path and status of each file, along with the total number of files, unchanged, successful and failed items.

We haven't come across any issues in our tests as far as stability goes. The software utility worked well, without causing the operating system to freeze, crash or prompt error dialogs. It finished tasks rapidly while remaining light on CPU and RAM, so it didn't hamper system performance.

Taking into account its intuitive options, Replace and Rename can be handled by novices with ease. However, it doesn't contain more advanced options for experienced users.