The Internet enables communication to reach new peaks with instant messaging applications capable of issuing voice and video calls. Depending on the purpose of the ongoing discussion, you might need or want to record it. When it comes to Skype, Replay Telecorder for Skype wants to make it possible and accessible to anyone.

Running the application gets it ready for use, with not a lot of configurations required. All there is to it is spread across a compact interface, with intuitive icons and sections. A list displays all recorded files, along with date, duration and type. Additionally, you can view active streams that can be audio, local or remote webcam.

You can launch the application whether or not Skype is running, because when the session starts activity is being recorded. This option can be toggled off from the options menu. Furthermore, you can enable it to run at startup, which makes it practical, especially in business environments when this is all part of the daily routine.

For a smooth overall process, you must set an output directory for recorder files to go to automatically. Regardless of the type, an MP4 file is created, keeping quality at a decent level. You have a little control over how audio and video recording is done.

The application lets you select the capture device in case of audio, while video can be set to capture only the local webcam, the remote one, keep them both side by side, picture in picture, or both recorded but in saved as separate files.

On an ending note, Replay Telecorder for Skype fully lives up to expectations in delivering high-quality conversation recording, be them audio or video. It's incredibly easy to use thanks to the intuitive interface, and is compatible with most recent Skype and Windows versions, making it available to a large public.