Report makers are crucial to businesses and managers as they provide a visual perception that is far superior to that of a mere written document. Report Fabricator is a tool that aims to connect databases and display their information via charts, bars and other means.

Report Fabricator is an uncomplicated tool that seeks to make your life easier. It is quick to install, and its only software requirement is Microsoft .NET Framework. You can run it on most modern Windows operating systems without any fear of excessive resource consumption.

The interface is clean and understandable, and in some areas, it resembles Microsoft Office's ribbon layout. The Fabricator window offers limited features, as it is built to manage your previous projects. The Designer tool is more complex in both options and perks.

The novelty of the application is that you do not have to write a report from scratch. You can import data from an array of platforms, such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, Google BigQuery, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Access, SAP Sybase Advantage, SAP SQL Anywhere, SAP Sybase ASE, Firebird, MS SQL Server CE, Pervasive PSQL, SQLite, Teradata, and VistaDB.

Once you get the data, you can start organizing it by using lines, shapes, pictures, text boxes, charts, gauges, sparklines, grids, and so on. The software does not lack features in this department.

After you are finished with creating reports, you can opt to export to a variety of formats, such as PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, XLS, CSV, and TXT or image. You can just as well send an e-mail to the desired recipient to save time.

While most applications of this kind allow you to add data from standard documents and files, Report Fabricator can prove a time saver by importing information directly from databases. Its reporting tools and export formats are not uncommon, but its utility cannot be underestimated.