In order to properly read certain reports, you need specialized software, especially if such files are created by specific applications. For instance, certain database report generators, such as Reportizer create files that cannot be easily opened and read. Considering that Reportizer is mainly used on server-side, the reports it generates require specific programs in order to read them.

Reportizer Viewer offers a helping hand in this matter. The application allows you to preview, print, or export database reports, created in Reportizer or Database Tour Pro, although it does not provide you with the option to edit these files.

The application comes as a handy client-side program that can help you read the contents of certain database report files, then print them on the spot.

Furthermore, you can perform several important tasks from the command line, operations such as opening reports, printing and exporting them or specifying SQL parameters.

With the help of Reportizer Viewer, you can open and print certain database reports created by Reportizer or Database Tour Pro, without having to install them. This is a handy feature especially for client side, because you can instantly view and print database reports created on the server side.

Additionally, you can export any report to formats that are commonly used by other applications, such as HTML, XLS, TXT, JPEG, BMP, or STT (static report) files. This way, you can read the reports using other programs, or share them with others that do not have the possibility to read the original reports.

To sum it up, Reportizer Viewer provides you with a convenient way of previewing and printing database reports created in Reportizer or Database Tour Pro, whilst offering you advanced export options to HTML, XLS, TXT, JPEG, BMP, or STT formats.