Pictures are not just meant for fun or uploading on different social networks. These also serve as important resources in different design projects. For instance, textures you see in video games, or even appealing interface designs are all made from pictures. In this regard, Repper Pro offers a neat set of tools to process images and create tiles.

It takes little time to install the application on your computer. However, for the setup process and to ensure functionality later on you need to have Adobe AIR on your PC. Although wrapped around a classic window frame, the interface is highly-interactive, and fitted with neat textures and intuitive overall arrangement of functions.

All steps until the end are neatly enlisted as tabs, which you can toggle at any given moment. The first is mandatory, because it’s how the picture is loaded. However, you can also drop an image of interest, with support for JPG, PNG, GIF, and JPEG. Export, on the other hand can also mean a TIFF file besides PNG and JPG.

The application is based on several tiling patterns. Although not presented in a an abundant number, these are distinct enough to help you create multiple unique patterns out of a single picture. The region of interest is easily specified through a box inside the preview area.

Additionally, the picture can be enhanced with several color manipulation options. There are a few presets at your disposal, like faded, black and white, funky, or midnight, while hue, contrast, and brightness sliders can be used to take matters into your own hands. Exporting is either done for a single tile, or the entire surface. Output options let you choose a location, format, quality, and size.

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Repper Pro is a powerful image processing tool which is sure to help you create high-quality textures out of any picture. The visual design is appealing and quickly gets you up and running, while tile configuration and effects make it definitely worth the effort.