The diversity of multimedia files formats is all because of the different encoders used to bundle quality, and not all are compatible with players you try out. It can also be the case with different project limitations, case in which you might want, or need to convert to a more appropriate format with the help of applications like RER MP3 Converter.

On launch, the main window shows up, with a dark, custom-made interface that lets you easily get acquainted with the set of features. Supported formats and operations you can perform are clearly visible, and there’s also an option to expand the main window to show more related details, like extension, size, format, frequency, channels, and more.

By default, you’re placed into the section that converts everything to MP3. All others are similar in the way the process is put in motion, as well as file selection, with the difference being files used. As such, you get to manage formats like MP3, WAV, 3GP, WMA, M4A, AAC, MP2, AC3, OGG, and MP4. These are available for both import and export.

You’re free to add one or more files. Output format can be configured for each file, but sadly, there’s no possibility to generate a single audio file that contains all the others. In any case, quality options are at your disposal, with options to manage encoders, and even save custom profiles for later use.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any editing options involved, except for those related to quality. It would have been useful to see at least the possibility to trim in order to eliminate silence. There aren’t any built-in playback controls either, so you need to make sure the files you add are those that need conversion. Luckily, the original file is not overwritten.

All in all, multimedia is a big part of our daily activities nowadays, and some circumstances might require specific types of file. RER MP3 Converter is dedicated to these audio limitations, letting you easily convert from and to a decent amount of files. Although it feels a little rough around the edges, it proves quite useful for quick and easy conversion.