Human resources employees and those who perform recruitment for companies or even public institutions, could have difficulties in filtering large volumes of emails. Manually going through each email message and extracting its corresponding applicant’s resume isn’t a practical solution. Luckily, ResumePipe Pro is here to help users extract CVs and resumes from emails automatically, with several well designed tools.

The application offers users a minimalist interface that will help them configure the CV extraction process with ease, thanks to a straightforward tab array that provides an intuitive workflow. One will be able to define the login credentials for the associated email account and then the application will offer several steps for defining the other parameters.

Custom email folders can be added, both for the source as well as for the processed emails, which is quite useful, as it saves users from losing time searching for the required emails. The same goes for the output file location, which can also be customized for quick access. However, the utility lacks an option for extracting resumes from other email folders, such as spam or trash.

Needless to say, the benefits of automatically extracting resumes from email addresses are multiple, especially for those who are involved into personnel recruitment. The application will enable them to save a lot of time and its final configuration tab will even allow them to add a custom filter, which can be created using the TextPipe Pro utility, from the same developer.

In spite of its straightforward handling and easy-to-use features, the application could have provided a more in-depth customization module. Experienced users might require more advanced extraction methods, which would enable them to obtain resumes from emails with specific characteristics, such as a particular date or size.

Considering its straightforward configuration process and intuitive handling, this application could serve as a useful tool for users who are involved into employee recruiting. It will provide them with a minimalist interface that shelters an intuitive tab sequence which will offer them a prompt extraction process. However, demanding users could crave for more advanced extraction options.