Audio editing and mixing has grown in popularity almost at the same rate as new digital tools have been developed. Powerful new mathematical algorithms allow some artists to bypass the conventional instruments employed in other genres. These situations, however, require 'richly decorated' DAWs, mostly through a variety of VST plugins. Just one such addin is Reverberate Core and it allows its users to add customized reverb effects to several types of source documents.

Adding a convolution reverberation requires only that users load the plugin into either a VST or RTAS host. Once this step is completed, several knobs control the process parameters and an intuitive dB graph allows users to accurately monitor the output project.

In essence, the addin can be broken up into several complementary parts, including an impulse response editing and filtering tab and a sample browser. Supported input documents include WAVs, WIRs, SDIRs, AIFFs or FLACs and a preset browser can also be used to apply templates automatically to source songs.

Adjustments to the frequency, modulation, and gain allow one to further customize the overall reverberation effect and these options are bundled together in the “Oversampled Paragraphic EQ” module.

Several options can be adjusted for improved results, such as the 'dials mode' used – allows finer control via a keyboard shortcut, or the plugin processing latency. By default, this latter value is set to zero-delay, a feature that confers the addon most of its power, but one can also use any value in between 128 and 8192 samples.

In conclusion, Reverberate Core is a viable solution for anyone seeking to add reverb effects to WAV or FLAC songs. The VST or RTAS plugin allows users to apply multiple built-in presets and also customize various process parameters, including the modulation and frequency.