If you are using GIFs on a daily basis, either for work or for spare time, you may be interested in Reverse Animated GIF Converter, a neat and fun application that reverse the GIFs in a couple of seconds.

The interface comes in with a black theme, which is excellent for night time usage and for users that need to take care of their eyes. On the flip side, the small window cannot be resized, a feature that can annoy some users or help others.

Due to its reduced sized, one may have the intention to drag and drop files into the main pane, but sadly this feature is not supported meaning that the users have to load the GIFs in manually; this is not an issue, but drag&drop could have resulted in a swifter process.

Once a GIF was selected, hit "Reverse Selected" and the app will convert it in no time. Regarding the quality output, the tool won't alter the original format, so if you have an HD GIF, the reversed one will keep the same quality.

A great feature is the batch conversion capability. For example, if you have 5 GIF and want to reverse them all, simply upload them, select them all, and use the same button as for a single one. Regarding the output files, they will keep the same name with "reverse" added in front of them.

To sum it up, Reverse Animated GIF Converter is a handy tool that can be used to reverse GIF files, resulting in a new file that will run backward. It targets any user that work with GIFs and want to add another tool to their collection. It can easily be operated by anyone, as it does not require technical skills.