GIFs are already mainstream formats that can be found in almost every corner of the Internet. They have many appliances, but the main purpose of a GIF is and always was fun. As some GIF become funnier when reversed, Reverse Gif Maker provides the tool and the means to do it.

The interface sports a black theme, which is a plus for users with eye problems or for night time work. On the flip side, the small window cannot be resized, a feature that can annoy some users or help others.

Due to the compact windows, one may think that drag&drop is an option but sadly is not. All files need to be manually uploaded from within the app. This is not the main issue, but a drag&drop feature could have saved some time.

Once a GIF was selected, hit "Reverse Selected" and the app will convert it in no time. Regarding the quality output, the tool won't alter the original format, so if you have an HD GIF, the reversed one will keep the same quality.

A great feature is the batch conversion capability. For example, if you have five GIFs and want to reverse them all, simply upload them, select them all, and use the same button as for a single one. Regarding the output files, they will keep the same name with "reverse" added in front of them.

In conclusion, Reverse Gif Maker is a smart app that can be used to reverse GIF files, resulting in a new file that will run backward. Recommended for users that enjoy creating, sharing and uploading GIFs and need a tool that can reverse them. Also, it does not require technical skill in order to operate it, which make it viable for a broader base of users.