RexNDox Apps Sound Recorder with Player is a simple application that can be used to capture audio streams from the connected microphone. In addition to this, it can prove useful for situations when you want to record sound produced by any program that runs on your computer.

Ease of use is one of its main characteristics. It features an intuitive interface that comprises all the available options within a single window.

You start by selecting the audio source, be it the microphone your computer is equipped with or any program that can generate sound, be it a player or a browser that loads an online video. Moreover, there is an option that enables you to capture audio from both these sources and combine the sounds in a single recording.

The GUI includes basic control options, enabling you to easily start the recording process, pause or stop it with just a click. For your convenience, there are predefined hotkeys assigned to these actions.

Each recording is placed in an organized table, enabling you to listen to it using the integrated player. Alternatively, you can delete a recording or save the generated audio file to your computer in WAV or MP3 format.

The main window also includes options to keep the program on top of all the other opened windows or send it to the system tray.

RexNDox Apps Sound Recorder with Player can prove useful in various situations. Whether you want to record sound from the microphone or capture the audio stream of an online video or a song hosted on audio sharing platforms, this small application can give you a helping hand.