RGS Creative is a reliable application that enables you to generate and customize card designs, then prepare them for high quality printing. You can easily create business or ID cards with face photos, text and personalised designs.

You can create a personalised card, with your own images on the front side, as well as on the rear. The software enables you to save each template as a profile, in the dedicated folder. Thus, you may easily find all the profiles in one place.

You may add set the background, by adding a custom picture or load one of the default designs. Once you have created an outline of what your card looks like, you may add several other elements such as writing and face photos by dragging and dropping them in, from other windows.

You can enable the grid view and snap the elements onto the guide lines, in order to align them by straight lines. Aside from the face photo, you may add several information fields, such as website, addresses, emails, work place or phone numbers, according to your business requirements or personal wishes. Expiration dates, bar codes and QR codes are also supported.

Each element’s size, position or stretching can be adjusted with the Format painter. Additionally, you may edit text style right from RGS Creative, by changing font type, size, or adding bold and italic attributes.

A card design can be exported as cardFile, card data item or as image, as well as printed with a local printer or a remote device. You may notify the enterprise printer, by loading the card file in the Settings window.

Thanks to the previewing bow in the main window you can visualize your card before saving it and sending it to print. The changes you make in the editing area are displayed in the preview box in real time.

RGS Creative is a useful tool that enables you to create contact cards, whether you run a business or if you wish to promote yourself as an individual. You can easily design a business card to hand out to customers, providers and partners, as well as an ID card or even customized sets of cards.