Rhapsody2Spotify is an easy-to-use application designed to help you transform Rhapsody libraries and playlists into playlists compatible for playback on Spotify. It generates HTML documents whose containing statistics can be examined in any web browser or HTML viewer.

There is no installation file available. Instead, you can copy the downloaded files of Rhapsody2Spotify anyplace on the disk or transfer them to a USB flash disk to effortlessly run it on any machine.

It doesn't add new entries to the system registry or create extra files without permission. Just keep in mind that .NET Framework must be downloaded and installed unless you already have it.

A standard .NET Framework form represents the main (and only) window of the application, showing two default paths for the source database (local3.seb format) and output directory. They can be changed to indicate another database and destination folder on the computer.

There is also a drop-down menu that enables you to pick a preferred country code, but "US" was the only option in our evaluation. The new HTML document can be put together with the click of a button. Afterward, you can open it in a web browser or other program with support for viewing HTML code, in order to inspect results and execute the task again if it was unsuccessful.

Unfortunately, there is no support integrated for converting multiple files at the same time. On the other hand, Rhapsody2Spotify was speedy in our tests and carried out conversion jobs without affecting the computer's performance, using low CPU and RAM.

It may not have a resourceful set of features, but the tool delivers a straightforward solution for creating Spotify-compatible HTML playlists from Rhapsody libraries and playlists.