RichTyping is set of additional modules for Adobe After Effects and compatibles video editors. This Plug-in allows decorate your video by using formatted text and achieving a huge number very interesting text and typing effects. We hope you will find our plug-ins very handy in your everyday work with video. Let it frees you from boring routine of creation of subtitles and captions and make your work with After Effects more efficient and pleasant.

RichTyping set consists of 3 modules:

RichTyping, Digitalizer and Morphing which allow to receive different types of text video effects.

The module RichTyping allows to make different inscriptions, subtitles and creeping lines easily. You can use formatted text created in MS Word. That text can be multi page and multi color, contain various fonts and different types of formatting for phrases and paragraphs. The text you are working with can be displayed on the screen, flicked through or scrolled through with different effects.

You can create lines floating in the screen or pages of text assembled letter by letter. It is also possible to obtain the effect text typing/erasing letter by letter. You will be able to make various vertical or horizontal creeping lines as well as their different displaying. Altogether there are over 500(!) variant of text effects you can make!

The module Morphing is a unique plugin for fast creation of very interesting text effects such as symbols replacement and morphing. This module allows for transform one text into another by using morphing or various types or symbols changing. You can change the text in whole or merely lines and symbols one after another.

With the help of a special editor you can prepare the initial and the final text for morphing or replacement. Using different colors, fonts and sizes is possible.