Protecting data and maintaining a regular backup plan is a mandatory strategy for anyone who works with large volumes of information. Most of today’s available software packages will provide quite complex solutions that require some customization, which could make one lose precious time. Right Backup comes in aid for those who require an easy-to-use software for protecting their data through efficient Cloud backup and restore services.

The application features an attractive interface where all the tools and features are provided in a color-coded configuration. Users will have no trouble in navigating through its tabbed menus and setting up the backup and restore processes will be quite straightforward.

All the buttons and menus emphasize a thoughtful design that will improve the overall look and users might be pleased with this when handling the application. The core features are divided as follows: Status, Backup and Restore, each having its own separate section where users can analyze the system status, select the files for backup or restore the saved files respectively.

Users can select their backup files from multiple devices: phones, tablets, notebooks or PCs and the application will allow them to easily set up the backup process. Depending on the available Internet connection and number of files, Right Backup will deliver a quick and efficient performance. It will first prepare the files for the backup process and then it will upload them in the Cloud account.

Looking on its weaknesses, on our tests the application performed adequately, without exhibiting any freezing or crashes; however, when running a file name search in the restore feature, users can expect considerable lag and the inability to terminate the file search.

People who require an easy-to-use software for backing up their data without any hassle could consider having a go at Right Backup. It will provide them with a straightforward way of protecting their data, with selective backup and restore tools. Nevertheless, the application might occasionally hang-up and hinder users’ workflow if they will use the search feature of the restore tool and this issue could be quite annoying.