RightControl is a comprehensive small business manager that allows users to keep track of everything from customer contacts or credit returns to purchasing orders and stock levels.

The application assists users all along the business chain, from customer or supplier relations to bank operations and invoices management.

Users can define both customers and suppliers, which can facilitate a very close surveillance of both purchases and sales.

Orders or invoices are also stored and the program features a built-in “Search” function to quickly locate potential problems.

An interesting feature is that the application stores both pending and completed purchases. In the course of a financial year, this can permit accountants to generate monthly statistics.

Administering stocks is one of the strong points of this utility. RightControl stores a great deal of information, from model name to specifications and batch codes.

Stocks can even be graded, and their status (new, second hand, refurbished) can also be specified and customized. When booking new stocks in, the program lets users enter barcodes as well (besides all the other relevant information).

The tool allows more than one active working window, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Multitasking is facilitated by this; however, the main window can become severely cluttered. Users just starting with this utility might find the interface a bit confusing.

RightControl is a detailed all around enterprise administrator that accountants and managers will find quite handy. Newcomers might find the multitude of fields and windows a bit daunting, but when dealing with your business, every bit of information can be important.