Have you ever been trapped in a conversation with an annoying person and prayed that your phone would ring to give you "an out"? Well, Ring4Freedom has answered your prayers!

Ring4Freedom is software that will ring your cell or desk phone at your command. Simply press the hotkey and your phone will ring instantly. DownloadRing4Freedom now and say "hello" to the person calling you and "gotta roll" to annyoing colleagues, boring meetings, and uncomfortable conversations.

Features:Easy to schedule times for you to be called - great for boring meetings and bad dates. Unlimited usage! Option to use Ring4Freedom directly from your phone - great for when you are away from your computer. Set up reminders for appointments!

Super easy to use! Anyone can use it! Works worldwide with ANY kind of phone.Discrete and polite.Makes you look busy at work!So what are you waiting for? Your phone to ring?It will if you order now!

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