Ringtone Expressions is a versatile application dedicated to creating personalized ringtones using various resources. Its merits vary from the unlimited number of ringtones you can generate to the multiple online platforms you can use either to extract material or to publish your creations.

One of the characteristics of this application that do not live up to its expectations involve the user interface. Somewhat cluttered, the app surface dimensions are not editable and the basic elements and features are almost blending into one another.

Nevertheless, the process itself of creating a ringtone is very efficient and time saving. By connecting the app to the Internet, you can easily access platforms such as MySpace, Grooveshark or M.O.G, for instance, in order to use audio content to create personalized ringtones. Moreover, this compact software utility can be used to process audio files purchased from iTunes Plus.

The compression and croping process itself is simple and explicit. After loading the audio files, you simply have to move the sliders to the desired position or insert the exact start and end time. Ringtone Expressions will then display the new duration of the cropped file to which you can apply fade in or fade out effects.

The final result is be processed so it can be read by the mobile device you use. This detail can be set by selecting the exact type of phone you own and its carrier.

A nifty feature provided by the software is the Ringtone Shuffler, designed to scramble all the audio files sent to your mobile phone and enable a different one every time it rings.

One of the great advantages of this small tool is that, based on the information from the user profile you can create after installation, you are able to rapidly send the output file directly to your mobile device.