Coming up with a clever idea for a project can make you quite ambitious into wanting to see it actually happen. However, there’s a long way until the end, and a project needs to undergo heavy and careful planning to reach success. As such, RiskyProject Professional comes with the means to help you analyze the performance, cost, and risks of your projects and ideas.

The application requires .NET Framework to function, but it’s usually found as a default feature in modern Windows iterations. If you’re already using Microsoft Project to organize your activities, you might be happy to hear that RiskyProject Professional can seamlessly integrate for comfortable collaboration, data collecting, and calculus or risks.

On the other hand, it works just fine as a stand-alone application. The interface is quite intuitive, relying on the popular Ribbon menu. It’s also packed with a variety of skins and themes to really make it suit your style.

Projects can be created from scratch, imported from Excel data, Microsoft Project, or XML files. Several categories help you manage your project, each in its own tab, such as schedule, risks, analysis, tracking, and report. However, you might want to first take the time to fill in all business and project related details.

The project settings panel allows you to fill up all company and project details. Your work is based on projects and resources, which are all edited and created on the spot in specialized tables. After you’re done punching in details, you can hit the calculate data to mash everything together.

There are multiple types of views for your project, such as risk, cash flow, crucial tasks, task sheet, resources, result Gantt, tracking Gantt, risk register, work, profit report, and a lot more. There’s basically a view for all areas which can be managed and analyzed.

Risk categories can be managed and target schedule and scope, as well as cost and income, with options to toggle exact object of impact.

Analysis makes it possible to build a Gantt chart, view project summary, manage cash flow, build a risk chart, display success rate, or manage crucial tasks.

Tracking can be used for a regular or Gantt chart, with the possibility to include additional tracking information.

Reports come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In other words, you can include nearly any aspect in your report, and even thoroughly customize it. You can share statistics to PowerPoint.

All things considered, we can state that RiskyProject Professional is a reliable application which helps you keep an eye on all aspects of your business. It can import and work with data from existing project builds including Microsoft Project, and is sure to at least get you closer to success.