Rogo Pets is a new unique software system that allows anyone with a computer hooked to the internet at home to watch what their pet is doing from any cell phone or computer. Rogo Pets is easy to install. It works with inexpensive USB cameras. Click here for recommended cameras.

How Does It Help Pets In Trouble?

When you sign up for Rogo Pets we will donate $3 from each months fee to your favorite animal shelter or animal charity of your choice. Think how many more animal’s could be saved if all pet lovers used Rogo Pets.

How Does It Work?

When you attach a USB camera (or a fancier wireless camera) to your computer launch the software it begins to record pictures on a corner of your hard drive. Because Rogo Pets takes individual pictures it can run in the background while you are doing other computer task like cruising the web or writing a letter. While you are at work it continues to take and store pictures as long as you leave your computer running. When you want to see what your pet is doing you simple log onto a special web site with any web enabled cell phone (no special software needed!) or any computer.

You enter your name and password and the web site has your computer send you the latest picture! Or you can tell it to go back in time and see what your pet was doing at any time during the day. Simple as that.