If you want to make sure your computer cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons, you can protect it with a password that nobody else knows. When you are looking for extra protection, you can rely on login based on face recognition or you can use a certain USB drive as a security token - the latter option can be achieved using Rohos Logon Key.

Once you install the application on your computer, you will need to also connect the USB device you want to use whenever you want to access your computer. Moreover, you can protect your chosen USB drive with a special PIN so as to ensure it will not be used for unauthorized login.

Furthermore, you can even change your default Windows password while using Rohos Logon Key, which can come in handy if you suspect some ill-intentioned person has learned it.

If you want to make sure that nobody else can access your computer without your approval, you can use a very specific device for logging in to Windows, such as USB flash drives, a bluetooth device (such as your mobile phone or a pocket PC), smartcards, PKCS#11 tokens, RFID wireless tags or Fingerprint USB flash drives.

Due to the wide range of supported devices, it will be quite difficult for an intruder to guess which one is the correct one for accessing the PC. Furthermore, Rohos Logon Key protects your computer even if it is in hibernation mode or in Safe Mode, thus leaving no opportunity for others to access your data.

All in all, Rohos Logon Key can help you protect the contents of your computer against unauthorized users by replacing the standard password login with a more powerful one that involves using a USB drive. If you are pleased with its performance, you can purchase a license and enjoy its benefits indefinitely.