With modern devices being equipped with powerful cameras, anyone can take a picture of anything. What's more, they can further be enhanced on a computer in order to remove unwanted parts or simply add effects. In this regard, Romantic Photo comes as a means to quickly spice up pictures of loved ones with various adjustment tools.

A good impression is made right from the start. The interface is polished, with highly-detailed toolbars, navigation panels and a decent amount of space for preview, with intuitive elements that are clearly visible. This adds a lot to practicality and also gets you up and running in the blink of an eye.

You can only add one picture at a time and this can either be done through the dedicated file explorer or by dragging it over the main window. File support is rather poor, with the only supported formats being JPG, PNG and TIFF. On the other hand, these are some of the most popular and commonly used formats so there aren't many problems when picking images.

Once you load a photo it's time to experiment with various effects. Although the name tricks you into thinking you only work with romantic themes or effect, you find that the set of tools and library of content leave nothing more to be desired. An abundance of presets can be applied with a single mouse click, with all of them stored in categories like heavenly photo and details, romantic colors, dreamy, morning light, captured moments, golden memories, warm glow and more.

The one-click enhancement method is pretty neat considering the number of effects at your disposal, and completely makes up for the lack of options to import more pictures at a time. In addition, you can create your own styles and save them for later use.

Depending on the selected effect, several sliders and values can be adjusted in a properties panel. These refer to focus, blur, border, shadow and vignette, with the preview area being updated in real time. You can view the original by holding down a specific button.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Romantic Photo is a handy image editor that puts emphasis on variety and speed. With a rich collection of presets and possibility to save custom effects, you can easily enhance any image. A photo is always a nice gift, so if you consider giving one you might want to tweak it a little at first and this is the way to do it.