RoTunneling VPN is a user-friendly and intuitive software solution that aims to provide you with the ability to protect your online privacy as well as connect to various websites that are otherwise unavailable to you.

Following an uneventful installation process, you can launch the application and begin working with it. RoTunneling VPN features multiple distinct connection options, all of which are from Romania's various cities. At the same time, you have the possibility of configuring your own VPN, by inputting the 'Host Name', 'Port Number' and other necessary details.

Before connecting to a service, they all appear as 'Offline', but the status of the VPN you opt for will change to 'Connected' after starting your session. Subsequently, the tool is minimized to your notification area, where you can access it and adjust various configuration preferences or simply disconnect.

Moreover, the utility makes use of a strong 128-bit AES encryption algorithm that can protect your sensitive information, handy particularly if you intend to perform online transactions or access personal accounts, helping you reduce the risk of third-party individuals gaining knowledge of your data.

RoTunneling VPN offer you the ability to select a specific VPN and 'Set as Startup Connection', enabling you to ensure your protection immediately after logging in to your Windows account. Additionally, you can set a 'Client Administration Password' so only you can use the program and no one else. The tool also allows you to 'Protect' or 'Unprotect' your real IP address, depending on your current browsing needs.

To conclude, RoTunneling VPN is a useful and quite handy application which you can successfully resort to when browsing the Internet, so you can access ISP restricted websites as well as prevent your personal information from being intercepted by ill-intended individuals and used for malicious purposes.