RTrWare Player is a personal computer audio package that was designed to provide support for large music collections and provide digital signal processing to enhance the music quality.

Here are some key features of "RTrWare Player":

■ Up to 11 terabytes of musical file storage spread across as many as 22 hard disk drives is supported. This corresponds to approximately 20,000 CDs assuming the built-in lossless compression is used. The hard disks can be any combination of internal IDE/SATA/SCSI drives, network drives, and external Firewire/USB2 drives.

■ The music is presented in a database format, allowing for quick search and access without concern for the actual physical storage location and formats.

■ Extensive CD ripping and database edit/search functions provide for the creation and management of a large music database. Full editing, search, and access is provided for all fields including genre, CD title, CD/ artist, track titles and track artists. These fields can be 4K characters long and do not have the character and format restrictions typical of computer filenames.

■ Playlists, based on any existing tracks in the database, can be created. These playlists can be accessed and edited just like the original CD information.

■ With a suitable local LAN network, the music data base can be played through multiple computer systems allowing different music to be played in different areas.

■ Depending on the available audio hardware, digital signal processing can be selected to improve the audio quality. These improvements can include increasing the hardware's frequency range, decreasing the hardware induced noise, and improving the sound stage and imaging.

■ Support for a wide variety of computer sound hardware including motherboard based hardware, consumer sound cards (such as Creative Labs Audigy and later series), and professional sound cards (such as the Creative Professional E-MU, Digital Audio Card Deluxe, and Lynx series). Sound enhancement capabilities depend on both the audio hardware and the computing power of the personal computer.

■ If suitable remote control hardware/software is present, full push button remote control is provided for all normal operations including ripping and editing.

■ Using included frequency response tools, you can improve the frequency response of your audio hardware, including speakers and your listening room, to your taste.


■ Network Framework 1.1


■ 30 days trial