Captcha is the widely-used method to set computers apart from human users, preventing automated bots from extracting sensitive information, creating accounts and more. However, entering such a code each time you want to access an online service or submit a comment can be quite annoying and time-consuming. Rumola for Firefox is an extension that can help you find a solution to this issue.

Once installed in your Firefox browser, the addon can automatically identify captcha fields, decrypt them and enter the code, without you having to do a thing. If Firefox is not the browser you use on a daily basis, you can also download Rumola for Chrome or Rumola for Safari.

The extension is very intuitive and easy to use. Using a pop-up box, it immediately notifies you about the existence of one or more captcha fields on the webpage you are currently visiting. When you start filling the form, you can forget about the security captcha sector, since Rumola for Firefox starts filling all the fields for you.

Alternatively, you can activate Rumola by simply right-clicking on the captcha field and choose the designated option in the appearing menu. If you decide that all the fields should be manually filled by you, then Rumola for Firefox can be deactivated for the current page with just a click, from the same menu.

Once the filling process is finished, Rumola for Firefox displays a visual notification message near the system tray, letting you know that all the characters are typed. Please note that the extension only works if you have a valid account bound to it.

To wrap it up, Rumola for Firefox can give you a helping hand when it comes to automating the filling of the meaningless array of characters required on some webpages or when creating accounts. The obvious advantage is that it saves you effort and time, enabling you to focus on other, more important things and enhance your workflow.