S-Ultra Audio Mixer is a small application designed for anyone who wants to create audio samples that combine multiple voices with a music track.

Following a quick and uneventful setup, you are welcomed by a small, yet appropriate and intuitive UI that provides you with the option to mix a music file with a single or multiple voice files. You will be happy to learn that the app supports drag and drop, so you can quickly add the files you want to mix without too much effort.

As you probably expected, the interface changes slightly when you switch between the single and multiple voice mixes. To be more precise, if you combine multiple files, then the app displays the files that you want to include and comes with an extra menu that includes several more useful actions.

The application allows you to create your own sound file, providing that you have a microphone. Consequentially, if you want to add a particular message within an audio sample, then you can just type the desired text and then specify a suitable volume, voice type and talking speed.

It is worth mentioning that the program enables you to define a few parameters before processing the file. Therefore, you can set the interval or silence in seconds or select the output volume for the music and voice file, for instance.

On the other hand, you should bear in mind that the application works with solely a handful of file formats, such as MP3 and WAV. Given the plethora of devices you can use for recording, it would have been useful if the tool worked with more file formats.

Regardless of whether you are an artist looking for something fresh for your next album or perhaps you are experimenting with a different music genre you are not very familiar with, S-Ultra Audio Mixer can help you mix voices with actual music without too much hassle.